last day of extensive Chinese military maneuvers around the island

In this photo provided by the Chinese news agency New China and dated August 5, 2022, a Chinese soldier monitors exercises around Taiwan. LIN JIAN / AP China wrapped up its biggest military maneuvers ever around Taiwan on Sunday (August 7th), which was an angry reaction to the visit of the representative of the United … Read more

Ritter Rost Magic Park Verden: Field report with big and small children

The small amusement park in Verden in Lower Saxony is one of the insider tips for family outings. Nostalgia and self-efficacy count more here than higher, further, faster. For families with children of kindergarten and primary school age, the Ritter Rost Magic Park Verden is wonderfully suited to experience a magical day. And even with … Read more

the FAA could oblige US and foreign carriers to reimburse passengers

The U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing new rules for airlines to protect passengers, requiring, among other things, coupons that don’t expire when customers are unable to travel for any reason related to the pandemic. Based on complaints received by the Department regarding the lack of refunds from airlines, a practice they consider unfair, they … Read more

holiday fintech demand is growing

Despite continuing global economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions, most consumers continue to see international travel as a top priority for their spending decisions and, to at least partially protect itself from the volatility of the economic situation, it is inclined to use digital installment payment systems. This is what emerges from a recent research carried … Read more

The grandiose twilight of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton

Designer Marc Jacobs at the presentation of Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2014 collection in Paris on October 2, 2013. FREDERIC BUKAJLO/SIPA Guests were asked to arrive at 9:40 a.m. for a show scheduled for 10 a.m. sharp on October 2, 2013. Since wearing down the patience of reporters by starting a show two hours late, Marc … Read more

Territory and traditions: initiatives and events in Abruzzo

Gastronomy, transhumance, sheep tracks and grazing: the Abruzzo Region invests in the pastoral and gastronomic tradition with a program of initiatives dedicated to its history and culture, uses and customs, with the aim of bringing the turismo slow ed experiential on its paths. Today closes the Review of Sheep organized by the Chamber of Commerce … Read more

Hiking in the Montafon – hut tour and alpine mosaic

Advertising: Article in cooperation with the Austrian Tourist Office and Montafon Tourismus A lively valley culture and real mountain adventures – that’s what nature-loving guests can expect in the Montafon. The 39-kilometre-long Vorarlberg valley shares many promising summit climbs with neighboring Switzerland. With three different mountain ranges – the Verwall, the Silvretta and the Rätikon … Read more

Another view on the nitrogen problem – Lack of water plays an important role in acidification and descaling nature

The land is locked, we can no longer build, new permits are no longer issued and nature is insufficiently protected. And all because of nitrogen, or rather, because of the excessive emission and deposition of ammonia (NH3) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). The government mainly tackles the problem by targeting livestock farming, resulting in distraught farmers … Read more