With “ambition” to the top of the state security

Omar Haijawi-Pirchner, married and father of two children, has been the head of the Lower Austria State Criminal Police Office since August 2017. On December 1, the 41-year-old will take over the management of the Directorate for State Security and Intelligence Service (DSN), the successor to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution … Read more

Why do we live in a race for the best tech talent?

In the new transformations, employees are hired for their specific set of skills (Laurence Dutton/Getty Images) By Emilia Magnan * Given the growing demand for technology professionals, the race for the best talent remains fierce. It’s all about terms like Yolo — You only live once, Passion Economy, Liquid workforce and Workforce Ecosystem, and I’ll … Read more

These work tips are provided by Pia Marten, CEO of the cannabis startup Cannovum

“Taking a step back is not as bad as it sometimes feels and has nothing to do with failure,” says Pia Marten, who had to overcome many hurdles with her startup Cannovum. Cannovum She brought Germany’s first medical cannabis company to the stock exchange: Pia Marten is co-founder and managing director of Cannovum. Your startup … Read more

Post-pandemic love: research shows trends in relationships over the next year | Love and sex

João Bidu Newsroom Trends for love and relationships in 2022 Summary The pandemic has caused some changes in the world of dates, as research from the Bumble application reveals 59% of people on the app worldwide said they are now more honest with their partners about what they want In Brazil, users are even more … Read more

Michele Morrone reveals secret for dealing with difficult days; Check out!

since starring 365 Days, to the life of Michele Morrone changed overnight. The star, however, was unfazed by the sudden fame and seized his momentum. The actor invested in his music career, recording his first studio album, became a manager and, in addition, leveraged his modeling career. With that, Michele became a reference in several … Read more

The best televisions to play with your PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on sale for Black Friday 2021

Who said that having a Smart TV with 4K and the best technology to play at full speed with your next generation console is expensive? No thanks to Black Friday! Having a Smart TV with 4K is no longer as expensive as it was a few years ago. You checked it with televisions with Android … Read more