“Let me join you”, by Amina Damerdji: guerrilla warfare reinvented

Haydée Santamaria (left) and Fidel Castro, April 27, 1957. UMAR LEYLA/GAMMA Daily harassments for the inhabitants of Havana, power cuts can have virtuous effects. Amina Damerdji owes them for having met Haydée Santamaria (1923-1980). More than forty years after the death of this great forgotten figure of the Revolution, the student is preparing a thesis … Read more

Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan and the art of “sham”

Dave Gahan at Shangri-La Studio in Malibu, California, November 2019. SEAN MATSUYAMA “I spent years singing the songs of another”, recalls Dave Gahan with a smile to emphasize that this profession of “impostor” – almost synonymous for him with “interpreter” – is familiar to him. Usual megaphone of most tubes (Shake the Disease, People Are … Read more

“The Last Swordfish”, “Hong Kong, fallen city”, “On the roofs”, “Clapas” … Our comic book favorites

MORNING LIST On the menu of our selection of albums, the Proletarian Left, the takeover of Hong Kong by Beijing, Hernan Cortés and his Mayan slave, the rescue of the Baghdad library… Not to mention The Last Swordfish, the sequel imagined by Jean Van Hamme to the first adventure of the two heroes by Edgar … Read more

“Master Maurice Boy artist”, by Gilles Antonowicz: atypical sketches

Maurice Boy. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS “Maître Maurice Boy artist”, by Gilles Antonowicz, Seghers, 176 p., € 28, digital € 20. Sometimes good fairies deposit multiple gifts in a cradle, none of which seems to be able to outweigh the others. A lover of witchcraft, keen on spiritualism, Maurice Boy (1889-1967) would not have denied this observation, … Read more

between clear line and chiaroscuro

EMMANUEL JOLY / PHOTONONSTOP “L’Aiguilleur”, by Bertrand Schmid, Inculte, 130 p., € 13.90, digital € 10. In spite of its rather powerful symbolic load, the figure of the switchman is relatively little present in literature. There was indeed one, striking, but only glimpsed at the turn of a chapter: the one encountered by the little … Read more

eighteen months with mana

On the set of “Tabou”, in Polynesia. FLICKR “Murnau des ténèbres”, by Nicolas Chemla, Recherches-Midi, “Cobra”, 240 p., € 19, digital € 13. There is in the history of the 7e art some cursed shoots: The Exorcist (1973) de William Friedkin, Poltergeist (1982) the Tobe Hooper, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018) by Terry … Read more

Laetitia Casta, the role of her life

By Pascale Nivelle Posted today at 7:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers PortraitAt 43, Laetitia Casta finally feels as legitimate as a top model as an actress. On display in three films, including “La Croisade”, directed by her husband Louis Garrel, in theaters on December 22, she will also be alone on the stage of … Read more

in the footsteps of a faceless genius

Image from the movie “The Satoshi Mystery. The origins of bitcoin ”. IKO ARTE.TV – ON DEMAND – DOCUMENTARY MINISTRY Satoshi Nakamoto is a bit like the William Shakespeare of the Web, the “Iron Mask 3.0”. Known worldwide for having created bitcoin, a dazzlingly successful cryptocurrency in 2008, it remains faceless and its real identity … Read more

Patti Smith and Sting, two voices at the Pantheon to celebrate FIP’s 50th anniversary

Patti Smith during the concert organized for the 50 years of FIP, at the Panthéon, in Paris, on October 7, 2021. CHRISTOPHE ABRAMOWITZ/RADIO FRANCE FIP – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26 at 8 P.M. – CONCERTS For those who prefer a flood of music to the commercial café that news commentary has become, FIP radio, which is … Read more

Franz Schubert, Azer Zada, Sting …

Franz Schubert the beautiful Miller Andrè Schuen (baryton), Daniel Heide (piano). Pochette de l’album “The beautiful miller”, by Franz Schubert, by Andrè Schuen (baryton) and Daniel Heide (piano). DEUSCHE GRAMMOPHONE / UNIVERSAL MUSIC Debut album by young baritone, Andrè Schuen, under the Deutsche Grammophon label, this version of the Schubertian cycle of La Belle Meunière … Read more