Bryan Cranston (‘The Magnificent Ivan’): “We couldn’t imagine that people would feel like those trapped animals”

Bryan Cranston goes to the family cinema with ‘The magnificent Ivan’. Disney’s new live-action / CGI hybrid movie skips cinemas due to coronavirus pandemic to premiere directly on Disney +, where we can see it on September 11 in Spain.

The popular five-time Emmy award-winning actor, who played the iconic Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad,’ plays here Mack, the owner and ringmaster of an animal circus that has an imposing silverback gorilla named Ivan as its main attraction. Between show and show, Iván spends his days in captivity with the rest of the circus animals, developing his true passion, art, and dreaming of being free.

On the occasion of the premiere, in eCartelera we have been able to interview Cranston, who in addition to talking about how relevant the film is for current times (he ensures that its premiere on Disney + instead of theaters is “exactly how it had to be”), has told us that he would love to make a Marvel movie, making it very clear how he would play his character, hero or villain. Will we see him soon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Time will tell.

Stellar voice cast

In addition to Cranston as master of ceremonies, ‘The Magnificent Ivan’ features an impressive cast of movie stars who lend their voice in original version to the computer-created animals, interpreters who in some cases repeat with Disney:

Sam Rockwell as the gorilla Ivan, Angelina Jolie as Stella the elephant, Danny DeVito as Bob the dog, Helen Mirren as Snickers the poodle, Chaka Khan as Henrietta the hen, Mike White as Frankie the seal, Brooklynn Prince as Ruby the baby elephant , Ron Funches as Murphy the Rabbit and Phillipa Soo as Thelma the Parrot.

‘The magnificent Iván’ arrives at Disney + Spain on 11 of September.