Breakfast at Diamonds, Sabrina, Temptation Lives Upstairs … nine classic movie movies and their actresses inspire us to dress (in style) at home

Forty is guiding us to intense movie sessions accompanied by a good dose of freshly made popcorn. In this moment of pleasure, we let ourselves be conquered by films that have marked a before and after in the history of the seventh art how are some films released in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Hollywood’s golden period left us with style icons like the delicate Audrey Hepburn, the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor and the sultry Marilyn Monroe. These popular names hide fictional characters that inspire us when creating looks ideal for surviving quarantine without losing the love for fashion that characterizes us.

In order to revive mythical film titles, sharpen our nostalgia and inspire us to dress during this confinement, we traveled through some of our favorite works of classic cinema.

Audrey Hepburn en Breakfast with diamonds

Another Iconic Breakfast Tiffany

The style of the character that Audrey Hepburn portrayed in the mythical film based on Truman Capote’s book, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is much more than the iconic black dress signed by Givenchy. Much of the film takes place in Holly Golightly’s small New York apartment. and their looks being at home are a delight.

Young Molly wears her characteristic mask with a white XXL mandarin collar shirt. A classic garment, which we all have at home, with which we can enjoy a quarantine of the most formal together with some summer espadrilles.

Oversize Pocket Shirt

Oversize pocket shirt in Mango. Its price is 25.99 euros.

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Myrna Loy en The Blandings already have a house


Myrna Loy plays Muriel in the funny 1948 comedy The Blandings already have a house. This film, which follows the adventures of the Blandings family on their move to Connecticut, is a must-see for lovers of classic cinema.

In the play directed by HC Potter, Myrna Loy shows us how the white bathrobes with curly hair are the ideal clothes to rest at home after a long day of teleworking.

Women's embroidered bathrobe Serene El Corte Inglés

Serene El Corte Inglés embroidered women’s bathrobe. Its price is 59.95 euros.

Women's embroidered bathrobe Serene El Corte Inglés

Women’s embroidered bathrobe Serene El Corte Inglés

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Elizabeth Taylor and The cat on the tin roof


The London beauty, Elizabeth Taylor, is remembered – among many other titles – for her appearance in The cat on the tin roof. The character that Taylor plays, Maggie Pollitt, shines for its sensuality and femininity.

The looks of the protagonist are extremely erotic and that is how we see it in this lace detail babydoll dress that those who do not want to give up feeling sexy during these days will be able to wear during their forties.

Long Camison Lace Seduction In Ecru

Long lace Seduction nightdress in ecru at El Corte Inglés. Its price is 220.50 euros.

Long ecru Lace Seduction nightgown

Long ecru Lace Seduction nightgown

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Joan Fontaine in Suspicion

Suspicion Joan Fontaine

The famous actress Joan Fontaine – remembered for films like Rebecca– appeared in the Hitchcock film Suspicion in 1941 to play Lina McLaidlaw Aysgarth, a wealthy young woman who accidentally meets Johnnie Aysgarth on a train, a nice guy who will bring her more than one problem.

In this adventure of suspicions and mystery, Fontaine shows us several outfits perfect for the forties among those who choose this long satin Asian-inspired gown. A perfect model for the first days of spring.

Short Woman Dressing Gown With Floral Print And French Sleeves

Short women’s robe with floral print and French sleeves at El Corte Inglés. Its price is 125.30 euros.

Short women's robe with floral print and French sleeves

Short women’s robe with floral print and French sleeves

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Marilyn Monroe en Gentlemen prefer blondes

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The most famous blonde in the world is, without a doubt, the mythical Marilyn Monroe. The sensual actress – remembered, in particular, for her appearance in Whit skirts and being crazy and in Temptation lives above– he left us a series of noteworthy styles in the entertaining film Gentlemen prefer blondes.

This time, like Fontaine, Monroe looks a long off-white bathed shirt-style dressing gown. The traditional model, with a satin effect, is tasty, comfortable and very practical to be at home during the quarantine without losing a bit of style.

Women's Long Robe In Satin Sleeve Kimono

Long satin robe for women with kimono sleeves in El Corte Inglés. 80.50 euros.

Women's long satin robe with kimono sleeves

Women’s long satin robe with kimono sleeves

Katharine Hepburn en Philadelphia Stories

F Stories From Fipaldelfia 1

Beautiful, elegant and remembered by both the public and the experts of the seventh art: Katharine Hepburn is one of the actresses of the golden Hollywood that first come to mind. Romantic comedy Philadelphia stories It’s one of the funniest movies of the 1940s and Katahrine played the wealthy Tracy Lord.

In this character, Kataharine looks a look ideal for those who prefer to go home with a traditional garment: the bathrobe. In this case, we see how you bet on a maxi version that you can complement with a shirt-style pajamas.

El Corte Ingles Herringbone Unisex Bathrobe

Unisex bathrobe Espiga El Corte Inglés. 49.95 euros.

Unisex Bathrobe Espiga El Corte Inglés

Unisex Bathrobe Espiga El Corte Inglés

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Audrey Hepburn en Sabrina

We return to rescue Audrey Hepburn to place her in the film Sabrina. The film, shot in 1954, is a delight for the senses and Hepburn conquered us with a transformation in her most famous looks.

In the scene where Sabrina Fairchild writes a series of letters to her father, the actress is wearing a crossover gown with large lapels dyed in white. An alternative full of glamour so as not to leave out the outfits first level during quarantine.

Unisex Stone Washed Kimono Bathrobe El Corte Ingles

Unisex stone washed kimono bathrobe El Corte Inglés. Its price is 59.95 euros.

Unisex kimono-type bathrobe Stone washed El Corte Inglés

Unisex kimono-type bathrobe Stone washed El Corte Inglés

Marilyn Monroe en Temptation lives above


We return to the quintessential blonde to talk about a 1955 comedy directed by Billy Wilder, Temptation lives above. The girl played by Monroe (whose name we do not know) is a publicity actress and model who has rented the apartment upstairs from the protagonist, Richard Sherman.

In the funny movie, Monroe walks around the apartment on several occasions with a piece that we all have at home: a classic white bathrobe in version maxi. An option so comfortable that it will make you forget, for a moment, that we are confined.

Unisex cotton bathrobe with Salinas El Caballo embroidery

Unisex cotton bathrobe with Salinas El Caballo embroidery in El Corte Inglés. Its price is 79.95 euros.

Unisex cotton bathrobe with Salinas El Caballo embroidery

Unisex cotton bathrobe with Salinas El Caballo embroidery

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Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the park

Barefoot In The Park 959136670 Large

We left the 1950s behind to travel to the year 1967. At that time, Jane Fonda starred -with Robert Retford- in the film Barefoot in the park. In it we see several styles of Fonda at home among which we rescue our staunch favorite.

In this adventure, Jane Fonda teaches us that an XL shirt dyed sky blue -that you can steal your father or your boyfriend- is he outfit perfect to spend time at home and go last.

Fluid Shirt Pockets

Flowy shirt with Mango pockets. Its price is 35.99 euros.

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