Best Netflix action movies in September 2021

Those looking for a big night with the best Netflix action movies have come to the right place. From comedy to sci-fi and even more heartwarming drama, Netflix’s selection of action movies is so vast that there’s something for everyone, even if you don’t usually watch them very often.

From war dramas like Outlaw King to superhero adventures like Project Power and comedies like Spenser Confidential, you won’t be leaving your couch for a long time to come as you scroll through Netflix’s catalog of action movies. You’ll likely discover a few new favorites of your own, too, as Netflix has enough great films to ensure its spot on our list of the best streaming services.

The best Netflix action movies are:

The Old Guard

(Image credit: Netflix)

What happens when a team of self-healing mercenaries who have lived for hundreds of years are set up to be killed off? Well, it doesn’t go well, that’s for starters. Charlize Theron stars as Andromache, aka “Andy,” the leader of this team that’s soon out for revenge. This graphic novel adaptation was a hit for Netflix and we’re already wondering when we get to see The Old Guard 2. — Henry T. Casey

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