Anya Taylor-Joy became a Greek goddess at the Dior Cruise 2022 show

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Anya Taylor-Joy, Cara Delevingne, and more celebrities and models recently embraced one of the most classic and feminine styles out there: the sheer, draped robes of Ancient Greece.

Just as Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, Artemis and other Greek goddesses showed off their silhouettes in these beautiful garments, several celebrities looked spectacular with this fashion trend that the haute couture firm Dior reinvented.

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Christian Dior

The Dior Cruise 2022 show took us to the center of Athens, the city dedicated to the goddess Athena, and evoked the inherent femininity of Greek robes with a series of modern dresses that featured beautiful drapes, sensual see-throughs and sparkling fringes.

In fact, more than 90 garments comprised the Dior Cruise 2022 show, however, pieces inspired by Greek tunics, such as the chiton, which is held on only one shoulder, and the peplo, commonly held on both shoulders and used Only by women, they were the stars of the night of the magnificent Panathinaikó stadium, an enclosure where games were held in honor of the goddess Athena during Antiquity.

Tunics reinvented with glitter, see-throughs, sophisticated cuts and accessories like belts that further accentuate the feminine silhouette not only conquered the runway, but also the red carpet thanks to celebrities like Anya Taylor-Joy and Cara Delevingne.

Golden Globe winner for her work on The Queen’s Gambit She looked like a modern Greek goddess in a slightly see-through silver dress and a combed crown braid.

(Swipe right to see the look from behind)

For her part, Cara Delevingne opted for a white look with thousands of fringes that covered her body from the waist to the knee. The touch inspired by Greek clothing had greater prominence thanks to the golden sandals.

Model Beatrice Borromeo combined the two styles of Anya Taylor-Joy and Cara Delevingne in an exquisite gold piece with long, delicate fringes that almost reach the floor.

With these dresses it is clear to us that Ancient Greek clothing continues to be the perfect inspiration for multiple feminine garments that allow us to evoke the sensuality of the Greek goddesses.

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Christian Dior

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