and we take each other’s hand


Erotic zones, erogenous zones: once we have mentioned the “usual suspects” (penis, clitoris, vagina, testicles, anus, breasts), we often only have room for a footnote. When some take all the light, the “other” pleasures seem anecdotal. It is unfair and, above all, it is a shame. Focus, this Sunday, on the hands, the most sensitive part of our body.

Factsheet : End of the upper limbs, endowed with an opposable thumb and formidable prehensility.

Semantics: To have the heart on the hand, to ask for the hand, united like the fingers of the hand, to kiss by hand …

Erogenous potential: The fingers and the palms of our hands are the most sensitive part of our body (yes, including the penis and the clitoris). The women place their hands in 20e position of their classification of erogenous zones (magazine Cortex, 2013). For men, it’s a little better: 16e position.

Practice : The hand is our most powerful working tool, and what goes for the construction of matchstick cathedrals also applies to sexual intercourse. It is impossible to speak of the hand without mentioning masturbation (which has long been called administration, literally “to stain your hand”). But that would be forgetting that we finger, that we “fist” (from fist, fist in English), that we scratch, that we rub, that we pinch, that we caress, that we penetrate … The ultimate sex toy, you have it literally at your fingertips.

Privacy: The hand is associated with our entry into sexuality, before the development of genitality: we hold the hands of our first lovers at school, we indulge in “hand games, naughty games”. We also hold hands when we grow up, as a way of making a relationship public: of all the intimate gestures belonging to lovers, it is one of the few that are really acceptable in society (we can also embrace and hug each other). kiss… but it depends on the environment). Note, however, that this permission ceases when one becomes President of the Republic: in May 2018, at the microphone of Europe 1, the philosopher Michel Onfray had called Emmanuel Macron “Kid” due to “His way of holding his wife’s hand at all times”.

Symbolic: The eyes are the mirror of our emotions, but our hand too can betray intimacy – whether it trembles, whether it protects us or whether it advances unconsciously towards the other. This power of revelation is widely used in the cinema, when the hand tightens on the sheet in your erotic TV films or when it sweeps the mist out of a porthole in the film. Titanic.

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