Amy Adams in Netflix’s big bet for the Oscars

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    Netflix does not want to be left behind in the race of Oscar, a strange path to some golden statuettes that will be delivered, in addition, the next Sunday, April 25, 2021; dates very different from the usual ones – generally, they are granted in the month of February.

    Among his bets to receive the highest prize of the Seventh Art, one has its own name: Amy Adams. She is the great protagonist of ‘Hillbilly, a rural elegy’, a movie directed by Ron Howard (‘Apollo XIII’, ‘A wonderful mind’) that Netflix will premiere next Wednesday, November 25

    Adams is accompanied by the Oscar winner Glenn Close y por Gabriel Basso, Haley Bennett, Freida Pinto, Bo Hopkins y Owen Carpenter. In ‘Hillbilly, A Country Elegy’, according to the official Netflix synopsis, “J.D. Vance (Gabriel Basso), a former Marine from Southern Ohio and current Yale law student, you are about to land your dream job when a family crisis forces you to return home that you have tried to forget.

    Lacey Terrell/NETFLIX

    JD must navigate the complex dynamics of your Appalachian family, including his shaky relationship with his mother Bev (Amy Adams), who is battling addiction. Fueled by memories of his grandmother Mamaw (Glenn Close), the tough and clever woman who raised him, JD comes to embrace the indelible mark of his family on his own personal journey. “

    The film is based on the novel by JD Vance, which was one of the biggest New York Times bestsellers. The film wants, in Netflix’s words, to serve as a “personal memory that offers a window to the most intimate journey of survival and triumph of a family. Following three colorful generations through their unique struggles, JD’s family story explores the ups and downs that define his family’s experience. ”

    It is clear that we are before younot the big titles of the fall. And perhaps, Amy, before the Oscar that seems to be resisting: She has been nominated six times for the statuette, five of them as a Supporting Actress and once as a Main, but he has not succeeded yet. Will now be your time?

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