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Welcome to the Doll House is an American Movie scripted, directed, and fabricated by Todd Solondz in the company of Suburban Pictures and falls under the genre of dark comedy. It was released in the year 1995 at the Toronto International Film Festival and was able to grab the Grand Jury Prize in the next year, that is, on 1996, at the Sundance Film Festival.

It got dispensed by Sony Pictures Classics and got released in the U.S on May 24, 1996. It is 87 minutes long and revolves around a girl hailing from New Jersey. She is shy and neglected in school and thus desires to get loved and attention throughout the movie.

Cast and Crew of Welcome to the Doll House Movie

The characters of the film are as follows Heather Matarazzo as Dawn Wine, the main character, Daria Kalinina as Missy Wiener – Dawn’s sister, Matthew Faber as Mark Wiener – Dawn’s brother, Angela Pietropinto as Marj Wiener, Bill Buell as Harv Wiener, Brendan Sexton III as Brandon McCarthy, Dimitri DeFresco as Ralphy, Eric Mabius as Steve, and Victoria Davis as Lolita.

Christina Brucato as Cookie, Christina Vidal as Cynthia, Amouris Rainey as Darla, Siri Howard as Chrissy, TellyPontidis as Jed, Herbie Duarte as Lance, Jared Solano as Neko, Scott Coogan as Troy, Colleen Kelley Whitcombe, Josiah Trager as Kenny, and Ken Leung as Barry.

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The story revolves around Seventh Grade student Dawn Wiener from Benjamin Franklin Junior High School, who lives in a middle-class family in New Jersey. She has a sister named Missy, who is pretty, and unknowingly, Dawn feels ugly. During issues among the siblings, Dawn is never supported by her father nor her mother. Mark, Dawn’s brother, gets his father’s support, and Missy, on the other hand, is backed by her mother, and there remains no one to speak for Dawn.

She resents herself for being ugly and gets bullied almost every day at school for being shy and unappealing too. She is even called out as Wiener-Dog. The teachers at school also seem to resent her. As a result, Dawn uses this kind of behavior and bullies against Missy, and entangles herself into more trouble with her family members. Her lack of getting praise both in the family as well as in the school lets her desire for love and attention more.

She has none other than Ralphy to speak to, but soon troubles start between the two. In the final part, Dawn is seen to be on a bus to Disneyland and seems to be taking part in the chorus with her other companions. So, is it all good in the end? Will Dawn get what she desires for, or will this happiness only lasts for a little?


Welcome to the Dollhouse
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The story is definitely a mixture of happy and sad events, and they seemed to have gone well throughout the movie. The movie gets related to many on a very personal level. Sometimes the lives of teenagers are tough, and people seem to avoid it. The movie has excellently portrayed what harsh realities are there for several people and how everyone fails to heed it. The film is definitely worth watching if it has not been watched yet.

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