Alexandra Daddario: What was your first role and what did you look like? – Movie news

The actress has won the affection of the people and it has been a long time since she debuted.

Little by little Alexandra Daddario has earned the affection and respect of the public thanks to her charisma and work as an actress playing various roles that have catapulted her to fame, as was the case with her role as Annabeth in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and in Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters, a franchise that has a good number of followers and that meant a great boost to his career.

But to get to those instances, there is always a first step to take, and in Daddario’s case it was the series All My Children which saw her debut as a professional actress. It was 2002 when Alexandra joined the cast of the production with the role of Laurie Lewis that she played for more than 40 episodes. At the age of 16, the interpreter began to develop her path to stardom and that has given her the opportunity to have roles like Heather Miller in Texas Chainsaw 3D which also contributed to its international projection.

Alexandra Daddario en ‘All My Children’.

Her prosecutor father and lawyer mother, Alexandra did not exactly have acting in her blood, but it was no problem for her to pursue her dream along with her two brothers: Matthew and Catharine, who are also actors. In fact, with 18 years of experience, Daddario has moved very well between various productions, getting to participate in more than 50 projects that include series, movies and even lend his voice to video game characters.

Alexandra Daddario en ‘The Squid and the Whale’.

And how can we forget that time when Diego Boneta taught him rude words in Spanish in an Instagram video (which you can see in this league), her skills are certainly not only histrionic, but she also has a knack for learning other languages. On the other hand, and resuming her talents as an actress, another of the roles that have positioned her in the popular imagination is that of Summer Quinn in the film Baywatch alongside Dwayne Johnson (and Belinda, who they no longer remembered) with who also shared credits in Terremoto: La falla de San Andrés and is in fact confirmed to participate in the sequel.

And since we are talking about his films, the first in which he participated was The Squid and the Whale, directed by Noah Baumbach (Story of a marriage) and in which he only had a cameo, but laid the basis for his other calls in films such as Bereavement and carte blanche, without neglecting his passage through famous series such as Los Sopranos, Law and order y True Detective.

So it is a curiosity to see Alexandra Daddario in her first role as a professional actress and it is certainly clearer to us that we will continue to see her in different productions.