Aiav will take legal action to reopen foreign corridors

Fulvio Avataneo

Through its lawyers, Aiav will immediately work to allow agencies to satisfy the requests of customers wishing to travel to the countries included in list E, which includes several crucial destinations for outgoing in the winter months, without any type of repercussion for travel agents. The future of the industry is too uncertain right now.

Direct awareness of stakeholders, an online petition to the government and overcoming the illogical barriers imposed by the E list: the Aiav Associates respond together to the latest statements by Minister Garavaglia regarding the hypothetical opening of tourist corridors, going directly to action. Target: regain possession of the business and ensure the survival of companies, after months of waiting and systematically unfulfilled promises.

This, in summary, is the position that emerged following the last online round table organized by Aiav in which travel agents, tourist guides and small tour operators participated. A position that starts from the bottom, fromlistening to entrepreneurs exhausted by the continuing lack of certainty about the future and a summer season that started well and was undermined by the lack of clarity of the government about the methods and timing of application of the green pass.

“The statements of Minister Garavaglia are not enough to restore serenity to travel agencies and tour operators, hit by an unprecedented crisis and victims of ambiguous and ineffective legislation, due to the unjustified deafness of the institutions – said Fulvio Avataneo, president of Aiav -. Let us not forget that the Italian state is still in a situation of “insolvency” towards the operators in the sector, who must receive the funds already allocated for the period August / December 2020.

We are also awaiting answers regarding the adjustment of the financial coverage of 2021, the extension of the extraordinary redundancy fund at least until April 2022 and the allocation of subsidized loans and non-repayable contributions. However, we are the architects of our destiny: this is why we have decided to act, with a series of concrete initiatives that will be communicated in the coming days. The corridors, assumed to be used and consumed by big players towards some exotic destinations, are not enough: we believe that the reopening of all tourist routes to countries with low rates of contagion and with great tourist appeal is necessary, starting from the United States. We also need a certain date: the term “short”, used by the Minister, has a completely indefinite character, especially if we consider that it does not refer to the date of reopening of the corridors but to the date on which the ministers will begin to talk about it ┬╗.