After Breaking Bad, now he wants to be Kurt Cobain

Aaron Paul gained brutal recognition for his role in Breaking Bad. Perhaps that is the reason why he is now looking to interpret to grunge icon Kurt Cobain, group leader Nirvana.

In an interview with New Musical Express, popularly known as NME, English rock weekly, Paul admitted that yes, he considered himself a deep admirer of Nirvana and that he had “enormous respect” for the ethereal figure of Cobain. To the point such this, that if it were up to him he would only ask for the desire to interpret it cinematographically.

Nevermind it was one of the first records that I bought with my own money and Smells Like Teen Spirit it is one of my favorite subjects. I thought it might be interesting to play Cobain“said Paul who has the physique du role indicated to play the father of grunge.

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Cobain’s life was as mysterious as his death: the enigma of the suicide weapon, the sick relationship with his wife Courtney Love, your newborn daughter, your nagging stomach pains that ended up becoming hits…

Last Days, of Gus van Sant, it was just an approximation where the filmmaker allowed himself some licenses, maybe enabled (relaxed?) for not being able to use Kurt’s real names, nor from his closest ones. The 2005 movie ends up being nothing more than a fictional account of the last days of the leader of Nirvana.

Aaron Paul He also became an important figure in the pop culture from the late 2000s. His character from Jesse Pinkman en Breaking Bad arouses adoration, to the point where Mick Jagger and the others Rolling Stones they made it happen to their backstage. Now part of the new season of Westworld.

In the interview with NME, Paul reviewed his career and, taking advantage of the boom of biopics about musiciansHe said what he said, but despite his expression of desire, until now no studio is overly interested in bringing the grunge hero back to life, committed suicide on April 5 1994.

Of course the possibility always exists, especially after the success of the stories of Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) y Elton John (Rocket Man). Cobain died at 27 years. He carried a long order of depression and addictions.

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