Acqua degli dei and Falkenstainer Funimation Garden in partnership to promote the territory as well

Fabio Muzzupappa and Fabrizio Giuliano, Water of the Gods

In tourism, synergy is important. The connection of different businesses strengthens the market penetration of the partners. This is the case of the choice made by Falkenstainer Hotel & Resort in the Calabrian structure, the Club Funimation Garden Calabria.
It is the custom of the South Tyrolean chain to link itself to local excellences to root its presence with attention and availability and to be recognized as collaborative.
And among others, the perfume line at the Funimation Garden Water of the Gods it is a reality.

«The products are inspired by beauties of Calabria and the Mediterranean – explains Fabio Muzzuzzappa founding partner and administrator – and since the center of everything is tourism, it is an experiential marketing project that “dialogues” with its customers through the channel of emotions, re-proposing, through a careful study of olfactory agreements, the beauties of a a land that welcomed heroes and inspired poets with a background linked to our territory ».

The name Water of the Gods it is linked to the Costa degli Dei of the same name, the place where the project was born, and at the same time to the charm of stories and legends which imbue the Calabrian culture. Mediterranean Essence instead, it expresses the philosophy of the project by playing on the word “essence”, both as a perfume and as a pulsating center of the Mediterranean. It is a project that Falkenstainer married, born in 2015 and today present in the area with three single-brand points in Tropea, Lace (2017) e Soverato (2018).

«We created the connection with tourism through a brochure, a precious paper tool that is given to those who buy at least one Acqua degli Dei product. Experiences proposes discounted experiences O free experiences – Mazzuzzuppa continues – in ever increasing numbers. Here we gather all the partnerships that we have created and that we suggest / offer to our buyers, suggesting what to do to enrich an already rich stay in our land, with all experiences to be lived throughout Calabria that touch the “Wellness” areas, ” Romantic ”,“ Gusto ”,“ Excursions ”and“ Special Moments ”to meet everyone’s tastes, from couples, to families, to children».

The line of perfumes involves through a “tale” who tries it. Each product, in fact, is not a simple cosmetic, but a concentrate of stories, sensations and legends, inspired by the legend of Manto, the priestess who in ancient times, right between the cliffs of Capo Vaticano, indicated the way to follow and the sea conditions to all sailors passing by (some towards Scilla and Cariddi, some towards the north). It is said that Manto offered auspices to the same Ulisse, before he faced Scylla and Charybdis.

La brochure “Experiences”

Acqua degli Dei is made up of two macro lines: the territory line and the legends line, which include eau de parfum, body creams, shower foam, soaps, products for the fragrance of the environment, gift boxes and fabric products.

It starts from Blu Perfume dedicated to the sea, to switch to Oro dedicated to the warmth of the sun and the earth.
The legends line contains the history and charm of ancient legends linked to Calabria and the Mediterranean. The maximum expression of the line is represented by perfumes Scilla e Charybdis, Ulisse e Song of the sirens. Essences with an indisputable character directly from that wonderful land that is Calabria whose aromas represent perfectly.