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Sober, contained, deep in its emotions and rationing, A memorable love leads in a respectful but open, direct way, to a strong, radical confrontation. A confrontation that does not solve the mind, rationality, but love.

Written and directed by Harry Macqueen, the film addresses the story of Sam and Tusker, affected by a progressively disabling disease.

Un amor memorable, BF Distribution (c)

Tusker (Stanley Tucci) is a writer and is rapidly losing his physical and mental abilities. He can no longer write and has begun to lose his memory, among other things.

Sam (Colin Firth) is a musician, pianist. He is willing to leave everything to accompany Tusker in his illness until death.

“I want to live this with you, to the end,” says Sam.

Tusker and Sam have decided to dust off and get back to traveling in their Fiat Autotrial Cheyenne camper, remembering easier and happier times. Thus, they take a tour that includes memorable places and a family gathering, ending at a place where Sam will give a concert.

With very good performances by Tucci and Firth, beautiful landscapes, Un amor memorable addresses in a deep, subtle and emotional way an increasingly frequent theme: the right to a dignified death versus the right to accompany and care for a loved one.

Un amor memorable, BF Distribution (c)

“I told you that whatever happened, I didn’t want to lose control of my life,” says Tusker, “I’m losing control now.”

A memorable love deals with themes such as the tension between the one who, gradually and inexorably, is leaving and the one who will be left alone. Between the individual need to die with dignity and the need to accompany, to be accompanied.

“I want to be remembered for the person I was, not the person I will be. It’s the only thing I can control, ”says Tusker.

Un amor memorable, BF Distribution (c)

The movie (Supernova, its original name) focuses on love. A love that does not repair or give importance to gender, which allows us to overcome differences, tensions, even disputes due to daily clumsiness or the stress caused by illness. A love that manages to face and address -with understanding- the secrets and lies so as not to make the other suffer.

“We do not perish for lack of wonder, but for lack of wonder,” says Tusker.

Un amor memorable, BF Distribution (c)

A memorable love is a drama that gives hope in human capabilities. It stimulates, energizes, marvels at the ability and strength that love gives to face such tough situations.

Added to the great performances, beautiful landscapes, good dialogues, is the soundtrack by composer Keaton Henson.

A few weeks ago, the film The Farewell was released in Chile. In it, a similar situation was dealt with, but showing the consequences in the family environment. In the couple, daughters, grandchildren, friend. In A memorable love the focus is on the love of a couple, and how this can influence to address such a critical situation.

The film opens in Chile on June 17

Un amor memorable, BF Distribution (c)

A Memorable Love (Supernova)

Director: Harry Macqueen
Guion: Harry Macqueen
Elenco: Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci
, James Dreyfus, Pippa Haywood, Sarah Woodward, Tina Louise Owens, Julie Hannan, John Alan Roberts, Lori Campbell, Peter MacQueen
Música: Keaton Henson
Photography: Dick Pope

Year: 2021
Duration: 93 minutes