A greener wardrobe for the start of the school year: choose responsible jeans



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August 11, 2021

(ETX Daily Up) – We often talk about spring cleaning, but back to school is also the perfect time to put your life in order, as in your dressing room, just to start a new year on the right foot. And since 2021 is about commitment, why not take the opportunity to make our cabinets more responsible? We start this series with jeans, one of the most polluting – and the most worn – pieces in the world, which has its place in our drawers … provided you choose them correctly.

A staple in the wardrobe of women and men, jeans have been the subject of much ink since eco-responsibility has rightly become one of the main concerns of brands and consumers alike. To the point of becoming “THE” room to ban from our wardrobes. A radical solution, which is not necessarily the most realistic as the piece has established itself as the star of our wardrobes in recent decades. We reassure you, it is not necessary to arrive there because many are the brands which offer today jeans which combine quality, durability, and responsible production. All that remains is to make the right choices …

Less polluting materials

The brands have followed one another in recent months to offer more responsible denim collections. This includes choosing less polluting fibers, including GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, or even Tencel, the most common – but they are not the only ones. These raw materials not only reduce water consumption (3,781 liters of water would be needed to make jeans, according to the United Nations Environment Program), the use of chemicals, and emissions. of carbon. When you renew your wardrobe, think about this essential criterion when choosing your new jeans.

Jeans that don’t go around the world

In her investigation “Unraveled – The Life and Death of a Garment” published in June, Maxine Bedat followed the journey of a lambda jeans, which begins in a cotton farm in Texas to end in the warehouses of Amazon after stopping, among other places, in sewing workshops in Bangladesh. An interminable journey – a pair of jeans can travel up to 65,000 km according to the Ademe – which is just as polluting because of the many transports used for this perilous journey. It is only a question of eco-responsibility here, but Maxine Bedat also points to the working conditions of textile workers, which must also be taken into account. It is therefore better to opt for a local manufacture, wherever you are in the world. This is what the brand 1083 offers – name chosen for the maximum distance traveled by its jeans – with models only designed in France.

Jeans that fit in with time

This is the question that has been – and has not finished – debate in recent months. Is it better to buy jeans that will last a minimum of a decade or two jeans that will be unusable in just a few years? You should know that today the average lifespan of jeans is four years, according to Ademe; which is little in view of its impact on the environment. Considered to be a timeless piece, jeans therefore deserve a certain investment – and maintenance – to register over time and weigh as little as possible on the planet. To overcome this problem and make responsible – and quality – jeans accessible, many brands are turning to returnable jeans, or even infinitely recyclable, with the possibility of receiving a voucher or of being given back. a sum when the model is at the end of its life. This allows the consumer to renew their wardrobe at a lower cost, and the brand to make new jeans from an existing raw material. A virtuous circle that aims to be beneficial for the planet as well as for the wallet.

And if this solution still does not satisfy denim lovers, there is still the second hand which allows you to set your sights on durable jeans at a lower cost.

Some benchmarks

Nudie Jeans, Kings of Indigo, Atelier Tuffery, 1083, AVN, and MUD Jeans are among the brands committed to denim.

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