Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger team up with her family as they go Christmas tree shopping

He admitted to feeling ‘upset’ and ‘depressed’ after social media users lashed out at him over an Instagram post they thought criticized his son and ex-wife Anna Faris. But Chris Pratt seemed to be in high spirits as he surrounded himself with family on Friday. The 42-year-old Avengers: Infinity War actor was joined by his … Read more

“From pain I give birth to my songs”

Kart public All right!, the new single that comes out on Friday 26 November on all digital platforms.The piece is distributed exclusively by Altafonte Italy. “We often believe that the presence of some people in our life is essential and then in reality they only bring havoc. This is why it is better to realize … Read more

Art and Activism: Danai Gurira’s Play, “Eclipsed,” Is More Relevant Than Ever

By Lesley Becker Activism and Art are a potent combination for addressing problems that are both enduring and unendurable. The play, Eclipsed, transports the audience into the intimate dwelling of women struggling to survive while living as sexual slaves in a rebel forces encampment at the end of the Liberian civil war in 2003. The … Read more

Covid-19: These countries which have identified cases of the new “Omicron” variant

Identified for the first time on Wednesday November 24 in South Africa, the new variant, called “Omicron”, was subsequently detected in several countries. It appears to be more contagious than the Delta variant. As Europe records an outbreak of Covid-19 cases, a new variant, more resistant than its predecessors, has appeared in Africa making the … Read more

Mexico will request a tourist visa for Brazilians to enter the country

Mexico City International Airport. (Photo by Hector Vivas / Getty Images) (CNN) — As of December 11, Mexico will request a visa from Brazilians to enter the country as tourists due to the increase in nationals of that country traveling through Mexico to reach the border with the United States, the Mexican Foreign Ministry announced … Read more

Belenenses SAD has no players to continue and Benfica wins

O Portuguese football lived, this Saturday, one of its darkest pages. Belenenses SAD entered the field with nine players, against Benfica, due to an outbreak of Covid-19. However, he returned from the break with just seven, and then João Monteiro was injured, so Manuel Mota was forced to call the game over. At the time, … Read more

Stargazer in Italy spots NASA’s DART asteroid impact probe in night sky after launch

An Italian telescope captured NASA’s asteroid-smashing mission shortly after its launch into space this week. A new image and video, taken by the Elena telescope located in Ceccano, Italy, shows NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission, also known as DART, separated from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket which launched the spacecraft from … Read more

In Paris, a chess bar brings the heyday of Saint-Germain back to life

By Marie Godfrain Posted today at 6:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe Blitz Society has just opened its doors in the 6th arrondissement of the capital, where champions and enthusiasts meet around the twenty-seven tables to compete against a backdrop of jazz music. Under the combined effect of confinements and the success of the … Read more