Rotating “catapult” as a space charge launcher. Prototype test

According to the details already disclosed in November, the seed version of the SpinLaunch propellant structure was tested on October 22 this year. The demonstration, considered a successful one, was to confirm the operation and open a whole series of tests (ultimately as many as thirty trials) of a system that uses centrifugal force to … Read more

TruPosture and some companies

“Stand up straight!” O “Straight back!” are phrases that many of us will have heard from our parents sometime throughout our lives to sit with a correct posture. But when we grow up we no longer have anyone around to monitor our good posture. Fortunately, wearables can use technology to play that role. TruPosture It … Read more

Black Friday: These offers are worthwhile at the start of Friday

Stand: 12:22 a.m. | Reading time: 10 minutes The Christmas business is open. We’ll show you where to get strong discounts Source: WELTN24 GmbH On Black Friday, retailers vie for the customers’ favor. Amazon and other retailers have already pulled out the red pencil. Which offers are really worthwhile? The WELT guide to bargain hunting. … Read more

Jeremy Renner Says He Can’t Rewatch Avengers: Endgame

Jeremy Renner has watched Avengers: Endgame only once and doesn’t intend to watch it again. Talking to BBC Radio 1, Hawkeye’s star remembered watching the movie with his Avengers colleagues for the first time, an emotional experience he’s not ready to repeat any time soon. Avengers: Endgame was the final chapter of the three first … Read more

Pestle, rouable, pastry bag, couscoussier … In the kitchen, utensils are king

MORNING LIST Roll out a pancake batter, place cream puffs, prepare the couscous semolina… There is an instrument for each gesture. We tell you all about the history and usefulness of five utensils. The pestle and the mortar PATRICK PLEUTIN FOR M THE WORLD MAGAZINE Their story. It is assumed that it was the hunter-gatherers, … Read more

Stadium 974: Qatar’s plans for a climate-neutral World Cup | Sport | DW

The stadium in Montreal, built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, was once affectionately known as “The Big O”. Today in the Canadian metropolis people speak of the “Big Owe” – over 30 years, 264 million Canadian dollars have flowed into the complex construction and maintenance of the stadium with the extravagant roof structure. And the … Read more

Is Rocket Lab USA, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:RKLB) Shareholder Ownership Skewed Towards Insiders?

A look at the shareholders of Rocket Lab USA, Inc. (NASDAQ:RKLB) can tell us which group is most powerful. Generally speaking, as a company grows, institutions will increase their ownership. Conversely, insiders often decrease their ownership over time. I quite like to see at least a little bit of insider ownership. As Charlie Munger said … Read more

Tyrese Gibson Relists Entertainer’s Dream House in L.A. for $2.89M

Tyrese Gibson, one of the stars of “Transformers,” hopes to transform his Los Angeles home into a sale. The singer and actor has relisted his perk-packed property for $2,895,000, and the place comes complete with a replica Transformer. The L.A. native’s longtime residence initially came on the market in April for $3.5 million. But months … Read more

Sharbat Gula, the famous “Afghan with green eyes” of “National Geographic” refugee in Italy

A copy of “National Geographic” with the portrait of Sharbat Gula by Steve McCurry in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2016. BK BANGASH / AP It doesn’t matter if the shot has been retouched: it’s one of the most famous looks in the history of photography. The expression of Sharbat Gula and his emerald eyes, on the … Read more