He died from a cobra snake bite, but later it became known that it was a murder | Univision News Events

A woman entered her 25-year-old daughter’s room and found her motionless and with blood stains on her left arm. He rushed her to the hospital, but the young woman passed away. His brother later found a cobra snake in the house. An autopsy confirmed the cause of death: the bite of a so-called ‘spectacled cobra’ … Read more

Seven ideas for concerts and festivals

MORNING LIST Here is a selection of concerts and festivals from late November to early December, in the field of so-called current music (pop, rock, electro, rap, song…), jazz or chamber music. Here tomorrow festival at FGO-Barbara, in Paris, from November 24 to 26 The “Here Tomorrow” festival will be held in Paris from November … Read more

John Goodman and Billy Crystal preview details of Monsters At Work

On the occasion of the premiere of Monsters at work, the series that will seal the landing of the franchise Monsters, Inc. and el streaming, the protagonists of the popular animated film released in 2001, Billy Crystal and John Goodman, talked about the reunion with their respective characters for the new production of Disney+, the … Read more

Mourning for Ted Herold: His Manuela died with him in the flames | Regional

Dortmund – Fire drama about the German Elvis! Rock’n’Roll legend Ted Herold (79) and his wife Manuela (48) died in a fire in their rented apartment in Dortmund. The fire broke out on Saturday around 6.15 p.m. in the living room on the first floor. According to BILD information, Manuela was found dead there. The … Read more

NASA Prepares to Launch Asteroid Defense Test Mission

The American space agency NASA is preparing to launch a spacecraft that will attempt to strike an asteroid to see how the crash affects the space object’s path. The test mission is designed to demonstrate a possible method for changing the direction of asteroids that are considered threats to Earth. NASA is calling the world’s … Read more

Qatar F1 GP: Hamilton scores second consecutive victory, Alonso returns to podiums

Lewis Hamilton clearly dominated the Qatar GP and won his second consecutive victory. The pace of the Mercedes #44 was above all competition and not even Verstappen managed to get close to his opponent in the fight for the title. The Dutchman managed to minimize the damage with second place, after a late penalty given … Read more

Europe is struggling with corona measures – Veldslag Rotterdam stood out internationally, Seat employees almost all vaccinated

The Corona effect of the weekend of 20 and 21 November 2021, the Foodlog selection of the corona news from the (inter)national press. The Corona effect highlights cracks in the food chain, traces of new food systems and the ‘new healthy’. Here you will find our previous selections, in Spotted our daily newsroom. Tension is … Read more

The deep wounds of the one-child policy

Lexi Palubiak was left on a farm in the Chinese province of Sichuan shortly after she was born. It was winter in 1988. Her parents had wrapped her in a blanket and enclosed a piece of paper with the date and time she was born. April fourth, four o’clock. Three times four: That doesn’t mean … Read more

Adele offers overwhelming testimonies and breathtaking vocal performances on the divorce album “30”

The most painful and listener-intensive – this is the expected fourth studio play by fans and critics of British wonders. For six years of waiting for the record “30”, the singer rewards us with personal lyrics and singing moments, from which she holds her breath and holds her heart. This is Adele in top form. … Read more