New wave in Portugal like that of 2020 is “unlikely”, doctors say

“UA fourth wave with the size and severity of the previous ones is very unlikely, but Portugal is part of an open world. If other countries are witnessing an increase in cases, and with the mobility that people have, it is normal that Portugal may have, during the winter months, an increase in cases and … Read more

Situation in intensive care units: “I can no longer, this is a non-stop fight”

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“The Woman in the Window”: Amy Adams’ struggle to leave fear behind

AMY ADAMS Madrid, May 12 (EFE) .- Knowing how to leave fear and anxiety behind, that is the axis around which “The Woman in the Window” revolves, the long-awaited new film by Briton Joe Wright starring Amy Adams, based on the AJ Finn’s best-selling novel, which will premiere next Friday on the Netflix platform after … Read more

all the features of the new zero-emission taxi of the skies

VoloCity, the sky taxi made by the German company Volocopter, will allow you to reach the center of Rome from Fiumicino airport and vice versa in just 20 minutes. And most importantly, zero emissions. The innovative – that these days it is exhibited in Piazza San Silvestro, in the heart of the capital – will … Read more

Dream night at the Villa Medici

By Jérôme Gautheret Posted today at 12:05 am Reserved for our subscribers ReportageExpensive, uncomfortable and quite inaccessible, the few rooms of the prestigious Académie de France in Rome are nevertheless unique places. Like the Renaissance palace that the photographer François Halard wanted to rediscover. This scene is never more fascinating than when the curtain is … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown “officializes” her relationship with Jon Bon Jovi’s son with a romantic photo on Instagram

Millie Bobby Brown She posted her first picture on Instagram with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. In this way he “made official” his relationship with the son of musician Jon Bon Jovi. Millie Bobby Brown She posted her first picture on Instagram with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. In this way he “made official” his relationship with … Read more

controversy surrounding the jury made up of eleven whites and a single African-American

Judge Timothy Walmsley at a first hearing in Ahmaud Arbery’s trial on November 4 at Glynn County Court. STEPHEN B. MORTON / AP The jury selected to try three white men accused of the murder of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery was hotly contested Thursday, November 4 in the United States, the African-Americans having all, with … Read more

Breakdown by Major Companies, Growth Analysis Based on Future Opportunities for 2030 – Influencers Web – Recently added research report on the market Remote control products – Hobby, which exemplifies a study from 2021 to 2030 and provides an in-depth examination of the market overview and the fundamentals influencing its growth. This report highlights key market improvements, as well as other developments that are signaling growth and opening of … Read more