The Purpose Of Zendaya’s Character In Dune Explained

Zendaya stars as Chani in Dune, but she’s hardly in the movie, appearing primarily in dream sequences. Here’s why she’s in the movie and what’s next. Zendaya has very little screen time in Dune, raising questions as to what her character’s purpose is in the movie and what’s next for Chani in Dune 2. Despite her character not appearing much … Read more

Puerto Rico is the “superstar” of vaccination in the US. What is the reason for this success? | Univision Health News

New England states continue to dominate covid-19 vaccination rates in the United States: Vermont and Massachusetts currently have the highest vaccination rates, with 78.8% of people vaccinated with at least one dose, followed by Connecticut or Rhode Island. . But there is a US territory that exceeds the rates of New England: Puerto Rico has … Read more

Container ship releases toxic gases off Victoria, Canada

View of “Zim Kingston”, October 23, 2021. JAY CURRIE / VIA REUTERS A fire broke out on Saturday 23 October on containers on board the Zim Kingston, a cargo ship carrying chemicals anchored off the city of Victoria in British Columbia, in the Strait of Juan de Fuca which marks the maritime border between Canada … Read more

Decided to stay on Windows 10? November 2021 update coming

The hot topic is Windows 11, no doubt about it, but Microsoft hasn’t lost its focus on Windows 10. The software giant has promised updates and support for its system through 2025 and seems focused on delivering. Thus, a novelty for this older system is about to be released. It’s called the November 2021 Update … Read more

“The Eye, the brush and the cinematograph”, on Arte: birth of a cinematographic gaze

“The Stereoscopic Session” (circa 1865), photograph by Achille Bonnuit (1833-1906). HERVÉ LEWANDOWSKI / RMN-GRAND PALAIS ARTE – SUNDAY 24 OCTOBER AT 6:00 PM – DOCUMENTARY If the remarkable documentary The Eye, the brush and the cinematograph, by Stefan Cornic, was a television series, it looks like it would be related to the so-called “choral” or … Read more

Those Rich Jerks in Space

The frivolous use of large amounts of resources by the very rich is a problem for the economy and society. As a big fan of the original Star Trek, I have to confess that it was kind of neat to see Captain Kirk actually go into space. But there is a real issue here about … Read more

Ryan Gosling will be Margot Robbie’s Ken in the Barbie movie

Juan Naharro GimenezGetty Images ‘Rebelde’ already has an advance and release date on Netflix. ‘Princess Swap 3’ has a release date on Netflix and you can already see the trailer. We may be a little too old to Barbie, but nothing prevents us from getting excited about the new film that Greta Gerwig is preparing. … Read more

Atal bousille Lyon – Players’ brief and NOTES (OGCN 3-2 OL) – Football

Despite a two-goal lead in the 80th minute, Olympique Lyonnais collapsed completely to drop Nice (3-2), this Sunday, during the 11th day of Ligue 1. Entering the second period, Youcef Atal changed the physiognomy of the match with 25 minutes of madness. Nice returned to Lyon thanks to a great Atal. Olympique Lyonnais supporters will … Read more

Prince Harry and Leonardo DiCaprio Team Up to Fight ‘Imminent Threat’ to a Beloved Region of Africa

Prince Harry & Leonardo DiCaprio getty (2) Prince Harry’s campaign to stop oil drilling in Africa has added some high-profile supporters. Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker and Djimon Hounsou have joined the Duke of Sussex, 37, and leading conservationists in calling for an immediate suspension on oil and gas drilling in the Okavango River Basin, according … Read more