“Masked Singer” – This football legend was in Hammer-Hai – TV

For this performance he even changed his pace … The “Masked Singer” jury got into a real guessing euphoria again on Saturday evening. After the Tagesschau spokesman Jens Riewa (58) slipped out of the chili pod last week, it was now time to uncover the next costume. Especially the hammerhead shark again provided shark puns. … Read more

in China, Jurong, ghost town of Evergrande

By Simon Leplâtre Posted today at 01:03 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThis mega-complex which was to accommodate apartment buildings, shops and amusement park is at a standstill, like most of the promoter’s projects in difficulty. An example of the real estate bubble which is inflating in the country. Sitting around small round tables, Evergrande’s real … Read more

Oscar Isaac Interview on the Process of ‘The Card Counter’ and ‘Dune’

Isaac detailed the many stages of his career that set him on a path for his acclaimed new role, and explained why so many Hollywood movies don’t appeal to him. Oscar Isaac excels at addressing life after “Star Wars.” Last year, when asked if he would return to play intergalactic pilot Poe Dameron if given … Read more

Space Perspective looks set to segment space tourism

Ongoing excitement and investment in this revolutionary form of tourism have meant segmentation is destined to occur. Space Perspective looks set to add another choice for space tourists in the coming years, increasing market competitiveness and pushing innovation further. Space Perspective has created a unique balloon-based system to transport customers to the stratosphere. In October … Read more

NASA prepares to launch an unmanned mega-space rocket around the Moon

Published: 23 oct 2021 18:44 GMT It will be the prelude to future manned flights to our natural satellite. NASA reported that the Orion spacecraft successfully stacked atop the Space Launch System (SPS) rocket at Kennedy Space Center on October 21 before midnight. The US space agency confirmed that Orion is secured on the SPS … Read more

What was the scene that James Gandolfini got angry about in The Sopranos

The relationship between actor James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) and the creative team of the series The Sopranos went through its worst moment when the script asked Tony whate masturbated in the bathroom of a gas station, scene that aroused the actor’s anger and a prolonged tantrum, perhaps the longest of all he had during the … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence, 31, Follows 6 Rules For A Flawless Complexion

Christine Giordano x Getty Ever since Jennifer Lawrence burst onto the scene with her Oscar-nominated role in 2010’s Winter’s Bone, the actress has captivated us with her candid comments—and flawless skin. Though it’s hard to imagine the now 31-year-old as anything but glamorous and gorgeous, the famously self-deprecating star says that hasn’t always been her … Read more