‘Caramel receptor’ identified – NovLink

Journal Reference: Franziska Haag, Sandra Hoffmann, Dietmar Krautwurst. Key Food Furanones Furaneol and Sotolone Specifically Activate Distinct Odorant Receptors. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2021; 69 (37): 10999 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.1c03314 Furaneol is a natural odorant that gives numerous fruits such as strawberries, but also coffee or bread, a caramel-like scent. Likewise, the substance has … Read more

The True Crime Upon Which the Movie ‘Queenpins’ Is Based

Queenpins is a “comedy” starring Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Paul Walter Hauser, and with a cast like that and a true-crime inspiration, one might imagine the film would have made a bigger dent when it (briefly) stopped by theaters in September and then premiered last week on Paramount+. We ran the trailer … Read more

Denmark qualified for the World Cup, Poland and Scotland ensure / 2022 World Cup / Qualifiers / SOFOOT.com

Victorious over Austria, Denmark is the second European nation to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. Switzerland still dreams of thumbing its nose at Italy, Scotland is only three points from the dams and the Serbia continues to hope to top Portugal. Even further east, Ukraine registers another misstep against Bosnia, while Poland cooks Albania. … Read more

“Brassens is a jazz singer”

Brassens, Pierre Nicolas (double bass) and Joël Favreau (guitar) in Sète, during the program “Escale en Languedoc”, broadcast in July 1981. SPECIAL COLLECTION While he himself has just turned 82, guitarist Joël Favreau hardly tastes the “Decimal arithmetic fetishism” birthdays. Especially with regard to Georges Brassens, whose centenary of his birth and the forty years … Read more

World Cup qualification: England parted ways with Hungary only in a draw

The English had a false start at Wembley Stadium. Luke Shaw brought down Loic Nego in the penalty area and Roland Sallai defeated Jordan Pickford from the penalty spot (24th). With the equalization of John Stones (37th), the “Three Lions” reported back quickly. They have always scored in the most recent 27 World Cup qualifying … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Hugh Jackman’s Birthday With Funny TikTok Video

It’s Hugh Jackman’s birthday, and his good friend Ryan Reynolds decided to celebrate in his own way: By putting a silly video on TikTok. Ryan Reynolds celebrates his frenemy Hugh Jackman on his birthday in a rather fitting way: By posting a silly TikTok. The so-called feud between Reynolds and Jackman is legendary and has been in … Read more

After the WDR scandal – ZDF brings Islamist author into the team – domestic politics

New Islamism scandal among the public broadcasters. ZDF has brought a well-known Islamist and Israel-hater on board. Feyza-Yasmin Ayhan has been hired as a comedy writer for the sitcom “Barrys Barbershop”. The early 20-year-old (stage name: Yasmin Poesy) has a reputation as an Islamist activist and Israel hater. +++ BILD is now also on TV! … Read more

Researchers breathe new life into paper books with the Magic Bookmark – NovLink

Journal Reference: Georgios Bairaktaris, Hristo Siderov, Deniz Celebiler, Corinne Kolii, David M. Frohlich, Radu A. Sporea. Magic Bookmark: A Nonintrusive Electronic System for Functionalizing Physical Books. Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2021 DOI: 10.1002/aisy.202100138 Researchers at the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute and Digital World Research Centre have designed an elegant and intuitive electronic system that … Read more

For Folger’s Karen Ann Daniels, the Bard’s big O stands for opportunity

In case you assumed that the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s works was in Jolly Old England, no, it’s at the Folger Shakespeare Library, right here on Capitol Hill. Folger holds the honors as the ultimate resource for exploring Shakespeare and his world. Now undergoing a major building renovation, the Folger Shakespeare Library will reopen … Read more

They no longer recommend taking preventive aspirin in adults over 60 with no history of heart disease

The side effects of consuming aspirin 2:52 (CNN) — The US Preventive Services Task Force is studying the possibility of making several changes to its guidelines on taking a daily aspirin to prevent heart disease and stroke. This Tuesday, the working group published a draft of its recommendation in which it is recommended that adults … Read more