The limping Jagr in civilian clothes from the substitute watched the futile efforts of the Knights

Jaromír Jágr is missing from the Kladno Knights due to an injury. How long he will be out of the game is not clear. Ondrej Deml, ČTK He did not finish his 200th match in the extra league and coach David Čermák immediately after Friday’s debacle 1: 8 in Pilsen talked about the injury of … Read more

one dead and 3 injured in an impressive accident on the ring road

One person died and three others were taken to hospital after an impressive accident that occurred this Sunday, October 10, on the ring road, at the Porte de Saint-Cloud (16th). A spectacular collision, which led to the blocking of the ring road for several hours and required a significant deployment of emergency services including the … Read more

Rihanna Takes On The Role Of Storm In This Fan Art

Acclaimed singer Rihanna is absolutely electric in this fan art depicting the performer as the X-Men’s resident weather wizard, Storm. Every once in a while, a fan-casting of a character turns out so unexpectedly perfectly that it makes people wonder why the fantasy hasn’t become a reality. It happened with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (minus … Read more

Brandi Carlile and her “In These Silent Days” have no choice but to slip

She loves Joni Mitchell and Elton John. Country star Tanya Tucker produced an album that won two Grammys. No other musician has been nominated for the same award for her previous record as many times as that year. And he also sings Soundgarden. Brandi Carlile is just the woman you want to know. Meet “In … Read more

Rogue Planet, Dangerous Dance, SpaceX & Electric Propulsion

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image features two interacting galaxies that are so intertwined, they have a collective name – Arp 91. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. Dalcanton, Acknowledgement: J. Schmidt Hubble Detects a Dangerous Dance This NASA/THIS Hubble Space Telescope image features two interacting galaxies that are so intertwined, they have a collective name … Read more

In Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil, neo-Nazis increasingly visible and uninhibited

Protesters hold up placards comparing Jair Bolsonaro to Adolf Hitler, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2018. NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP LETTER FROM RIO DE JANEIRO On the surface, everything seems normal. On the videos posted online, a young student turns 24. There are colorful balloons, sweets. The family is happy and sings in the heart … Read more

at the Petit Palais, Jean-Michel Othoniel’s color geometry course

“Mirrored nodes” (2021), by Jean-Michel Othoniel. CLAIRE DORN / JEAN-MICHEL OTHOR / GALERIE PERROTIN / ADAGP, PARIS, 2021 The river with a thousand blue glass bricks which tumbles down in a vibrant cascade on the steps of the Petit Palais turns into a delicate crystalline carpet for a rise of the steps towards the monumental … Read more

“Decidedly against anti-Semitism” – Merkel’s clear message to her successor – politics abroad

Jerusalem – It was the sixth visit by Angela Merkel (67, CDU) to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial – and the last as Federal Chancellor. The Chancellor traveled to Israel for two days at the weekend, met the new President Jitzchak Herzog (61) and the Israeli cabinet of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (49) for a … Read more