Algeria: the Fennecs are elusive – football

Very broad winner of Niger (6-1), Friday, the team of Algeria remains untouchable on its continent. The reigning African champion continued with a thirtieth consecutive game without losing. A fairly exceptional series that has been left to last? Algeria has not lost for three years. To see the score, one might think that Algeria has … Read more

Low-cost, continuous seismic monitoring system to support emission reduction efforts – NovLink

Journal Reference: Takeshi Tsuji, Tatsunori Ikeda, Ryosuke Matsuura, Kota Mukumoto, Fernando Lawrens Hutapea, Tsunehisa Kimura, Koshun Yamaoka, Masanao Shinohara. Continuous monitoring system for safe managements of CO2 storage and geothermal reservoirs. Scientific Reports, 2021; 11 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-97881-5 Accurate and frequent measurements of changes in the ground enabled by the system can aid in the … Read more

“Degrowth is not an option for poor or rich countries in the face of climate change”

A freighter passes under the Bayonne Bridge (New Jersey) as it heads for the Atlantic Ocean on October 6, 2021. SPENCER PLATT / AFP JSo far, economic growth has fueled global warming. The mechanics of this disturbing truth are simple: increased economic activity usually goes hand in hand with increased use of energy and natural … Read more

Enrico Ruggeri is the artistic director of the Impronte review

Dall’11 al 23 October 2021 if you have a Milano the second edition of Fingerprints. The artistic director of the event is the singer-songwriter Enrico Ruggeri. The festival includes musical performances, literary presentations, works and art talks with the participation of numerous guests. The events take place in the splendid setting of the Basilica of … Read more

Roald Dahl’s Upset World

Roald Dahl, in 1983. DPA/PHOTONONSTOP “Tales of the Unexpected. News, novels, stories ”, by Roald Dahl, translated from English (United Kingdom) by H. Barberis, J. Bisson, A. Delahaye, E. Gaspar, J. Hérisson, J. Malignon, J.-F. Ménard, M. Rambaud and H. Robillot, edited by Julien Bisson, Gallimard, “Quarto”, 1,568 p., € 32. A woman abused by … Read more

Let’s be zen! Five places to recharge your batteries … and meditate

MORNING LIST Invitation to go very close, a little further or very far, Go and meditate Hugues Demeude, Manon Liduena and Marie-Emilie Michel, offers 67 destinations conducive to healing: heritage sites, spiritual buildings or simple landscapes, to withdraw from the world. As in Tibet at La Boulaye The Tibetan Buddhist temple of La Boulaye, in … Read more

FIFA 22 or eFootball 2022, who is better? The challenge of virtual football

Now that they are both available, here is the answer to the recurring question: what is the best football simulation between FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022? Every year, fans find themselves faced with the fateful question: FIFA or PES? Who is better? In 2021, the question is only slightly different, as Konami felt it had … Read more

Ivry-sur-Seine: investigation after the assault on an elected official

A deputy mayor of Ivry-sur-Seine was violently attacked and stabbed yesterday around 10:30 p.m., the Créteil prosecutor’s office told AFP. An investigation was opened for attempted intentional homicide on a person holding public authority. Elected officials of the town of Val-de-Marne were leaving a match of the local handball team when they were the target … Read more