After all, Android 12 has a dessert name that Google hasn’t revealed

Launched yesterday, Android 12 brings many new features to this Google system, especially in the field of security and even the interface itself. Now that it’s delivered to be disseminated by a lot of equipment, it’s time to be known more deeply. Something Google has gotten us used to over the years is giving it … Read more

Italy is hoping for the next football party – national teams

Giorgio Chiellini (right) & Co. now also want to win the Nations League. © APA / afp / FRANCK FIFE Almost three months after Wembley’s European Championship triumph, Italy is ready for the next soccer celebration. October 05, 2021 Author: dl / apa A new football classic will take place in Milan’s San Siro on … Read more

Eric Elmosnino, itinerary of an instinctive actor

Eric Elmosnino, in Paris, September 30, 2021. FREDERIC STUCIN FOR “THE WORLD” In his dressing room at the Edouard-VII theater in Paris, Eric Elmosnino quietly smokes his cigarette. Vanessa Paradis opens the door a crack: “Shall we make an Italian?” “ The last minute rehearsal will wait. Smiling, his partner replies: ” Soon soon. “ … Read more

Report denounces Chinese influence in French university

According to a parliamentary report, published this Tuesday, October 5, the French university and academic world is subject to multiple interference and foreign influences, including China. The 240-page document revisits the “brutalization of international relations”, to which research and teaching are no exception. He describes in particular the “attempts at influence” which are no longer … Read more

October 6 Release and Speculations Based on Previous Episodes

If you’ve been following the series for a long time, you know the tension that the series is building around its last episode of the season. Everyone is waiting for the season’s end, or will it leave the viewers on a cliffhanger. Riverdale started in the year 2017 and has been running smoothly till now. … Read more

Late persistence of human ancestors at the margins of the monsoon in India – NovLink

Journal Reference: James Blinkhorn, Hema Achyuthan, Julie Durcan, Patrick Roberts, Jana Ilgner. Constraining the chronology and ecology of Late Acheulean and Middle Palaeolithic occupations at the margins of the monsoon. Scientific Reports, 2021; 11 (1) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-98897-7 The timing and route of the earliest expansions of our own species across Asia have been the focus … Read more

company at the head of the 21Wol hybrid hospitality brand

An image of 21 Wol of Milano Città Studi The debut was in Milan, with the 21 Way of Living by Città Studi: a hybrid hospitality reality inaugurated at the beginning of 2020 which aims to combine traditional and extended-stay hospitality services with the most advanced forms of co-living and co-working, the organization of events … Read more