China sends 77 warplanes to Taiwan defense zone

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry released this undated file photo of a Chinese J-16 fighter jet when it announced that PLA jets entered its air defense identification zone. (CNN) — Taiwan reported a record number of Chinese warplane sorties into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) for the second day in a row, Taiwan’s Ministry of National … Read more

MotoGP, 2021, Texas: Marc Marquez with a shattering victory – MotoSport

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) won the GP of the Americas in a strong way, with almost 4 seconds ahead of Fabio Quartararo (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP). Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati Lenovo Team) finished third after Jorge Martin (Pramac Racing Ducati) made a mistake and was penalized with a long lap. This was Marc Marquez’s second … Read more

Plant compound may protect bees from deadly virus that makes them lose their way home – NovLink

Journal Reference: Cheng-Kang Tang, Yu-Hsien Lin, Joe-Air Jiang, Yun-Heng Lu, Chih-Hsuan Tsai, Yu-Chun Lin, Yun-Ru Chen, Carol-P Wu, Yueh-Lung Wu. Real-time monitoring of deformed wing virus-infected bee foraging behavior following histone deacetylase inhibitor treatment. iScience, 2021; 103056 DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2021.103056 The deformed wing virus, transmitted by a parasite called a varroa mite, can infect bees throughout … Read more

Stefan Aust draws Merkel’s balance sheet: German fear as a state of affairs

Oet etp aepekotlptekleupe Fenpkelllu Olleltepeu pelt, lpl ekel tleatlek. Ble Zeklkell pel Pnupeppelael, pep elaepeu leuaple VOtleaeu, vllp ple ulekl uelOlppeu. Flulelteppeu kel ple elu Ueup, pep vlllpeketltlek lOOel uuek pleplt lpl, plepltel lepeutettp etp ple nOtleaeupeu Pleeleu. Ble Plpellptuplahell lpl penltlek aelluael etp en Pealuu lklel POlpeell, puek pe kelle POlpuulaouael 6elkelp Peklopel lkl … Read more

five small towns to discover by train

MORNING LIST Traveling by train means adding up the little pleasures, such as arriving in the city, on the job, sparing the litany of roundabouts and shopping areas and without having to look for a place to the car. This applies to large metropolises, but not only. Many small towns or villages (from 800 to … Read more

the songs by Alex, Nicol and Tommaso are released on the platforms

Friends 21 the unpublished. They went out today, October 3, on all digital platforms, the first unreleased songs of the new guys from Friends of Maria De Filippi. As happened last year Maria starts immediately with heavy artillery to conquer the record market, or the unreleased songs already produced by some great Italian names and, … Read more

SpaceX snags launch contract from Arianespace after Vega rocket fails twice

In a rare victory for international launch competition, SpaceX has snagged a contract to launch an Italian Earth observation satellite from European launch monopoly and political heavyweight Arianespace. After spending the better part of a decade with its head in the sand as SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket rapidly came to dominate the global launch market, … Read more

Pandora Papers: 35 former or current heads of state accused of tax evasion

Getty/Montage photoFrom left to right: King Abdullah II of Jordan, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. INVESTIGATION – Another clap of thunder. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which had already revealed the Panama Papers affair, published a new investigation this Sunday, October 3: Pandora Papers. Several leaders, … Read more