10 curiosities of Batman: The Dark Knight, the best Bat Man movie

Any Marvel Studios tape, in front of Batman: The Dark Knight, pales. Not for nothing is this tape currently considered one of the best superhero films that exist, and a milestone in the history of cinema.

Released a little over twelve years ago, new generations of viewers continue to approach this film driven by curiosity and the curiosity of meeting the best DC Comics Joker. For our part, we have decided to celebrate the very existence of Batman: The Dark Knight with these 10 curiosities.

1. The chase in the Batmobile was not CGI

In an age when computer-made special effects were the norm, came Batman: The Dark Knight to remind us that great action scenes can always be achieved using the real picture. Such was the case of the chase that we saw in the middle of the film, where Batman, in order to protect Harvey Dent, engaged in a battle on wheels against the Joker and his henchmen. Sure, these scenes were shot with miniature units, not a life-size Batmobile.

2. Two actresses for the same Rachel Dawes

When we were first introduced to the character of adult Rachel Dawes in Batman starts, this was played by actress Katie Holmes, but when she arrived Batman: The Knight of the Night, the actress who would play Rachel was already Maggie Gyllenhaal. This was because Holmes refused to reprise his role, forcing Nolan to search for his replacement. It’s worth mentioning that, in addition to Gyllenhaal, other options considered were actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar, Isla Fisher, and Rachel McAdams.

And Mysterio’s sister fell in love with Batman | Image: Warner Bros

3. Celian Murphy and Michael Caine: The Director’s Fetish Actors

Throughout his career as a filmmaker, Christopher Nolan has been characterized by seeking to work over and over again with the same actors. In the Batman trilogy, two of them would be Celian Murphy and Michael Caine, who played the Scarecrow and Alfred Pennyworth. These actors are remembered for also appearing in other director tapes such as Inception, Interstellar O Dunkirk.

And Christopher Nolan’s whims are respected | Image: Warner Bris

4. Batman doesn’t need doubles

Or rather, Christian Bale, who showed us that he is an actor who likes to experience strong emotions. Or at least it was in the scene where Batman observes Gotham City from the top of the Willis Tower (442 meters), the largest building in Chicago, the city where Batman: The Dark Knight and the other two tapes that complement the trilogy were filmed.

Christian Bale does not like heights | Image: Warner Bros

5. A Joker a la italiana?

In the Italian dubbing of the 1989 film Batman, directed by Tim Burton, actor Giancarlo Giannini played the clown prince of crime. Almost 20 years later, Adriano Giannini, the son of this actor, joined the dubbing cast of Batman: The Dark Knight, and as a tribute to his father he dubbed the voice of the same character.

6. The change in voice of Bruce’s alter ego

On Batman starts, when Bruce Wayne transformed into the Bat Man, Christian Bale changed his voice, making it more serious. This situation was different on Batman: The Dark KnightAs Nolan decided it would be best to distort Bale’s voice digitally.

7. Batman no longer wears batarangs on his bat belt.

One of the strongest decisions Christopher Nolan made when orchestrating the Batman trilogy was that his protagonist not use those ridiculous boomerangs called batarangs.. Even so, Nolan showed that Batman’s weaponry did interest him by showing us the most technologically advanced tools.

Although Batman’s weaponry never looked so impressive | Image: Warner Bros

8. Joker and a Clockwork Orange?

Among the many influences that the actor Heath Ledger adopted and adapted to bring the Joker to life, highlights Malcolm McDowell’s portrayal as Alex DeLarge in the film A Clockwork Orange. McDowell in this film gave life to a young anarchist and hyperviolent, elements that Ledger took up for his Joker, taking them beyond any limit.

The Joker performance sounded like something to us | Image: Warner Bros

9. Matt Damon was going to be the White Knight

In the beginning, before Aaron Eckhart played Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face in Batman: The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan considered actor Matt Damon for this role. For one reason or another, Damon never reached a deal with Warner, forcing the production company to look for other options, including the names of Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Jackman. In the end they opted for Eckhart.

We prefer the other Two-Face | Image: What Culture

10. Batman: The Dark Knight, the first to break the box office

Before Avengers: Endgame, and long before Avatar, Batman: The Dark Knight it became the first film to gross more than $ 1 billion at the box office. Sure, That sum might sound ridiculous compared to the 2.8 billion that James Cameron’s film has raised worldwide to date.

Not for nothing is considered a cult work | Image: Warner Bros

Nolan’s second film about the Bat Man is considered today the best of the character, and that the animated batman movies These are pieces that are truly valued by DC enthusiasts. Most likely over time new films will arrive that surpass it by raising more money at the box office, but none, such as The knight of the night, he will know how to adapt with such fidelity the spirit of the greatest detective in the world.

And you, are you also a fan of Batman: The Dark Knight?


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